Our Digital World

Businessman drawing cloud network on whiteboardNews Flash – The world is Digital! According to the website, Internet Live Stats, there are over 1 billion websites on the Internet today, and that number is rapidly growing! Almost every aspect of our life is now impacted by software and the Internet.   According to NASA, an iPhone 5 with 16 gigabytes of memory has about 240,000 times the memory of a Voyager spacecraft. And the website ZME Science reports that the IBM System/360 Model 75s mainframe computer (which we remember!), which cost $3.5 million and was the size of a car, could perform several hundred thousand addition operations per second but only had a total memory capacity in the megabyte range – less than even a simple USB stick and totally out-classed by an iPhone! They continue to state, “…Put simply, the iPhone 6’s clock is 32,600 times faster than the best Apollo era computers and could perform instructions 120,000,000 times faster. You wouldn’t be wrong in saying an iPhone could be used to guide 120,000,000 Apollo era spacecraft to the moon, all at the same time…

The point of this was to show how computing power has grown, but, wow! Probably an even more important takeaway is how innovative those NASA folks were to be able to make all those breakthroughs in space with just those resources – especially landing on the moon!

But while some people can barely cope with the speed our lives are changing, we see opportunities everywhere. The Internet, or world wide web, as it was called, is has impacted everything.  Possibly the most important is the shift away from traditional “brick and mortar” businesses to online shopping.  Stewart Varney, from Fox Business News, calls it “The Retail Ice Age”:


This rapid change brings about opportunities that surprisingly few have even seen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be a part of such head-spinning growth? You can!